Lou Wheeler


Lou Wheeler is a musician, photographer, tech enthusiast and IT professional from Sacramento, CA. He has had an extensive history of IT-related day jobs everywhere from customer support to web development to Windows administration and currently is a deskside support technician (as well as media and video production role) for a mid-sized not-for-profit organization.

In his personal time, he has played in a number of working bands across different genres, and even started learning audio engineering and mixing to help with those projects.

A love of cameras and photography brought him to working as a portrait and band photographer, working with local bands and artists to shoot live performances, band portraits. When the DSLR video revolution came around, that led to an interest in video production as well.

Alongside these, with being enamored with the internet being no small part of his daily life, content creation and publication on the internet has always been a passion for Lou, as he has almost always had some sort of website project (or three) going over the past few decades.

Currently, Creatorbeat is his flagship project, allowing him to write about the things he loves–video production, musical instruments and production, content creation, and all things tech and nerdy that are related to being creative.


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