Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How to live stream with a video camera [2019]

Your laptop/desktop doesn't have a video input, so how do you connect your video camera? We'll show you the best ways to live stream with a video camera!

The ultimate cinema video camera buying guide [2019]

Filmmaking can get expensive. Crew, sets, talent, lighting, post production, visual effects, and of course, cameras. The motion picture industry uses the best of...

The Complete Computer Monitor Buying Guide

Confused with terms, specs, and features that seem to make no sense? Let us guide you through what they mean and help you buy the right monitor for you!

How to start a vlog: The ultimate guide

Starting a vlog isn't nearly as difficult as you might think! We've put together a full walkthrough of the best cameras, lights, gear, tips, and tricks to get you started.

Get better sound in your videos with studio monitors

Audio is arguably the most important part of video creation. Yes, you can have spot-on exposure and lighting, but if your audio is sub-par,...

Tannoy Reveal 502 studio monitors review

A few years ago I was in the market for a set of small studio monitors and settled on an unlikely choice. Let's take a look at why the Tannoy Reveal 502 is one of the most underestimated studio monitors you can find.

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