7 computer stand/cpu caddy options – Get your PC off the carpet!

Leaving your PC directly on the carpet is a quick way to fill it with dust and hair. Get your computer off the carpet with these computer stand/cpu caddies!

SYBA Metal Base CPU Stand for Large Tower Case

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When putting your desk setup together you will likely run into this common dilemma: Should you put your computer on your desk or on the floor?  The current trend is to get your computer up off the carpet and onto your desk, both for looks and for the health of your PC tower.

But this isn’t always possible, and many people leave their computer tower on the floor, often on the carpet.  This isn’t the best option for various reasons, and you should really have your PC tower on a computer stand of some sort.

Why should my computer be on my desk and not the floor?

For looks

Putting your computer on your desk is becoming commonplace for a few reasons, primarily these days because more and more builds are RGB’ing ALL THE THINGS and it just looks cool. 

For reducing dust and hair inside your computer

But there are other reasons that have existed long before RGB lighting, such as dust, dirt, and hair.  With large front intake fans and power supplies moving to the bottom of the case over the past decade.  Some towers do have an intake on the floor panel, which would be an issue if sitting on the carpet.

For safety from electric shock

There is also the risk of electrostatic discharge (static electricity) if you’re sliding your tower out to work on it, which could definitely cause harm to your computer components if not properly grounded.  This isn’t much of an issue if your tower is on hardwood or some other non-fabric surface, but can turn a routine maintenance session into a bad time quickly.

What do I do if I can’t put my computer on my desk?

There are also those of us who can’t necessarily put the computer tower on our desks because of the need for all the desk space possible.  Audio engineering setups where the studio monitors (engineering speak for the speakers) need to be set up in a certain way for proper listening on your home recording desk.  Some users may prioritize multiple displays above tower placement, or there may just be not enough room on the desk in the first place in tiny setups.

The proper answer to this is to put the tower on a computer stand, or “PC caddy/CPU caddy”.  Typically these are adjustable, rolling stands made of either metal or plastic.  A PC caddy will get your tower up off of the messy carpet, and keep it under the desk out of sight (and fans out of earshot a bit) while being movable to allow for access to the back if necessary.  

Using a PC caddy vs putting your computer on the carpet

In the hierarchy of computer placement, directly on the carpet is absolutely the worst. On a desk or other raised computer stand for desktop towers would be best, but using a PC caddy is a great compromise if you’re looking for a computer on carpet solution.

The main benefit to using a computer pedestal or caddy is to allow proper intake for your tower’s airflow and ensure that your PC doesn’t overheat. Reduced fresh air intake is the fastest way to reduce the performance of your computer.

A close second is to reduce the proximity to dust, dirt, pet hair, and other things that can either clog up your fan filters or cake themselves onto your internal PC parts. While a PC caddy may not get your tower as far away from the carpet as a desk would, just a few inches of the caddy’s elevation is markedly better than sitting directly on the carpet.

Our favorite PC caddy options for your desktop

Most PC caddies are fairly straightforward in their design and will work with almost any PC tower. While you can definitely build a DIY computer tower stand (even out of a few 2x4s) there can be a benefit from getting a stand that has wheels or a certain style. Here are a few of the better computer stands that will do the job for you:

VIVO CART-PC01 mobile adjustable PC cart

VIVO Computer Tower Desktop ATX-Case, CPU Steel Rolling Stand, Adjustable Mobile Cart Holder with Locking Caster Wheels, Black, CART-PC01
  • Fits 4.7" TO 8.2" Wide PC's - Cart is adjustable from 4.7” to 8.2” allowing it to accommodate most ATX cases on the market. NOTE: Please check your PC case dimensions before purchasing to ensure that the width does not exceed 8.2".
  • Easy Mobility - This cart features four caster wheels for smooth motion and convenient placement. Two of the wheels are lockable to keep the cart stationary when desired.
  • Sturdy Construction - High grade steel material makes the cart durable and keeps your computer secure. Also featuring a powder coated surface and inside padding that protects your case from scratches.

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The VIVO CART-PC01 is a modern and sleek adjustable PC caddy that functions as well as it looks. This replaces our previous top choice for most people, the SYBA CPU Stand, which is no longer available.

Similar to the SYBA, depending on your case length you may need to ensure you’re not blocking the PSU intake fan, but it is a bit longer than the SYBA making this possibly a non-issue.

IOCrest CPU Stand ATX Case Caddy

IO CREST Mobile Desktop Tower Computer Floor Stand Rolling Caster Wheels and Adjustable Width from 6 to 10 Inches
  • Adjustable Width from 6" to 10"
  • Anti-skid Grip and Castors
  • Maximum weight capacity of 66 lbs.

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This is branded by IOCrest, however, appears to be another Syba product.  While this computer stand is also most likely not large enough to rest on the tower feet, this one almost certainly won’t block the PSU fan.

Allsop Metal Art CPU Caddy

Allsop Metal Art CPU Caddy, Adjustable Width Mobile Computer Stand with 4 Caster Wheels - Pewter (27761)
  • Adjustable computer stand is designed to support and elevate most desktop / tower style computers.
  • Includes 4 caster wheels, rolls for easier access to back of the computer
  • Longer wheel base for extra stability, front casters lock in place

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This one’s a bit taller but more stylized.  I don’t know if I would load this up with a heavier tower due to the adjustable design, but for a lighter tower, this PC caddy could be a good choice if it matches your decor.

3M Adjustable CPU Stand

3M Adjustable CPU Stand (CS100MB) , Black
  • Simply roll CPU stand to access your CPU quickly and easily without twisting or bending to reach cables and ports
  • Width adjustable from 3.75 inches to 9.25 inches to fit most CPUs
  • Wheels lock to help hold unit in place

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Another X design like the IOCrest above, this 3M Adjustable CPU Stand is another flexible and reasonable PC caddy.

Econo Mobile CPU Stand

Econo Mobile CPU Stand, Light Gray, IVR54001
  • Non-skid padding holds CPU in place.
  • Durable construction ensures strength and stability.
  • Two swivel and two locking casters for mobility or stationary use.

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A computer stand that looks like something straight out of Office Space.  This is probably the most pedestrian stand of them all, but also possibly blends in the best against the rest of your office setup.  Again, you will need to verify tower placement in regards to the PSU intake.

Pitstop Furniture CPU700R Red Computer Stand

Pitstop Furniture CPU700R Red Computer Stand
  • Easily slide your computer from under your desk
  • Color coordinates with Pitstop's desk line
  • Lockable racing wheels

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Depending on your taste, this may be the best-looking computer stand on the whole list.  This caddy doesn’t use any sort of gripping force to keep it upright and on the stand, however, that shouldn’t be an issue as long as you don’t take those “racing wheels” seriously.  

This has previously been available in red, black, and clear, but currently, we can only find the red version. If looks matters, we’d say this is probably the best option for a gaming PC stand for carpet.

3M Adjustable Under-desk CPU Holder

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And now for something completely different.  If the floor CPU caddy isn’t for you, or you have some specific reason for not placing your tower directly on the floor, consider this one.  Many people with sit/stand automatic standing desks do like this tower stand to ensure that cables don’t get caught or yanked when adjusting the desk.

If you have a desk that can take the mounting (honeycomb IKEA desks need not apply), this is a great option for a functional and unique way to manage your PC.  The mount spins 360 degrees and should suit any need you have.

In Conclusion

We can’t all get our towers onto the desk like our favorite YouTubers, but that doesn’t mean you need to let your poor PC languish on the carpet, sucking in all that dust directly.  A good PC caddy can elevate both your computer (literally) and your office setup (figuratively), and shouldn’t be overlooked as a viable option to keep your computer safe.

Lou Wheeler is a musician, photographer, tech enthusiast and IT professional from Sacramento, CA, with experience in a wide array of technical and creative areas, including music production, light design work, photo/video for bands and management, video creation, and has a general love for creative technology.

He can currently be found working on too many projects at once and spending time with his wife and two cats, exploring new places to eat, and occasionally getting out to disc golf.

2 thoughts on “7 computer stand/cpu caddy options – Get your PC off the carpet!”

  1. “If the floor cpu caddy isn’t for you, or you have some bizarre reason for not placing your tower directly on the floor, consider this one.”

    Placing a PC directly on the floor does not allow for proper exhaust. Also if a PC is placed on carpet there is an increased risk of static charges damaging components of the PC. For some bizarre reason I cannot understand why you would not have considered this in your review.

    • Hi Joe! Thanks for the comment! You’re absolutely right about both of those–I even mentioned the risk of static shock and choked bottom intake from carpet in the article.

      With this quote, I was referencing putting the tower directly on a hard floor surface. I suppose it could have been worded better, but it was definitely outlining that, if you are adverse to placing a PC tower on a hardwood floor, for example, along with not using a floor-based PC caddy, the desk mounted version is a good option.

      But to your statement of “Placing a PC directly on the floor does not allow for proper exhaust”, this is a half-truth. If the PC is on a hardwood or tile floor, it’s exactly the same as placing your PC on a desk surface. It’s just… on the floor. But the intake is no further impeded sitting on a hard floor than it is a hard desk.

      The other half of that half-truth, however, does mean that the closer to the floor a PC intake is, the closer it is to dust, dirt, and pet hair. And as any pet owner can attest (myself included), it doesn’t matter where something in your house is, pet hair WILL get on it haha.


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